Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All of the kids participated in a track camp this summer. These pics are at the meet!

they all did well earning several medals each!

Billy shot a turkey!

kinda cool huh?

that is a duck and alexus's flip flop!

so talon loves to throw things in the water! And when we weren't look'n he threw in a shoe! We waited for quite a while for it to float to the shore on the other side of the pond so we could get it!

We had lots of fun at the rec center in cortez and then the park for a picnic and feeding the ducks! thanks for coming with us nat!

Billy and the boys loaded up and ready to go fishing!

On free fishing day we all went out. Talon and I just sat on the rocks at the edge of the water and dropped in a line with a pink marshmallow just about 2 feet out. unexpectedly he caught about 10 baby fish!! they were so small and cute and we just kept catching them and letting them go. There has never been a happier boy in the world:)

Davis had a great baseball season! So proud of him!

We all got together and disced some deer meat and had lots of fun. Can't wait to do it again on the 4th of July!



Talon loves to suck different parts of himself up in the vacuum!

one time he did his lips so much that they were purple!

here he is with a mouth full of whip cream.